Infrared Thermography

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Training is essential for the proper use of any equipment but especially for Infrared cameras.  You can't just pick one up and expect to understand what you are seeing. 

For example, there is nothing wrong in the picture below.


Just wrinkles in the carpet.


The use of IR equipment is expanding.  Here are the vanes in the back of my hand. 

The camera sees long wave length infrared radiation.  Eccentrically light that is just below the spectrum that our eyes can see.  It then translates it in to an image on a screen that we can see.  So we are seeing the heat signature of everything.  That's why it lends its self so well to Home Inspection. 

Moisture cools as it evaporates so it becomes visible in the camera.  Hot wires, missing insulation, insect colonies, wall and ceiling framing and many other things can become visible under the right conditions.    The right training and experience and the right conditions combine to allow us to see images that can't be see with the eye alone.

Heat loss for example lends it's self perfectly to IR camera use.

There is a leaking heat duct in the wall of this home.  The heat is being forced behind the insulation and therefore out side.  It is easy to fix if you know it's there.

"Seeing" the framing behind the walls allows us to access whether it has been properly installed.

In this cape cod, it has been. 

In ceiling and in floor heating systems are readily visibly.

So they can be checked for functionality and properly inspected.  The can also be located if the floor or ceiling has to be cut or altered.

Leaks!  The leak at the right is not visible to the eye.  It is visible to the IR camera.

We caught this one before it caused damage to the wall.  It was much easier to properly fix.

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